Keep track of your working time with a single button.

TimeTracker has been updated TimeTracker – v0.2 update

Why I made this

After a few school projects with terrible working time documentations I decided to make my own time tracker. One course introduced us to Google Firebase database so I used that to store my data.

I do not host this service. Source can be found on GitHub, if you want to set it up yourself.

The tracker

The tracker consists of two html pages which don’t require to be hosted anywhere. First is a login page and the second the actual tracker.


I have manually added a user to Firebase, but registration of new accounts could be added if wanted.


After logging in there is a button to start a timer. When pressed again it will send data to Firebase.


Sent data contains start date, start Unix time, start time, stop date, stop Unix time, stop time and total minutes worked.


Data is pulled from the database to a table, which is easy to paste into a spreadsheet program.

Future of the project

This is an early prototype and although it works, there are several features I plan to implement in the future:

  • Multiple users
  • Multiple projects per user
  • Optional comment field for entries
  • Summary page shown on login


Here are some sources I used:

https://youtu.be/-OKrloDzGpU – Getting started with Firebase Auth on the Web – Firecasts


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